Additional Activities for Your SASH Club

Check Out The Action Guide

For an extensive list of activities, explore the Stop Sexual Assault in Schools Action Guide.

Explore Title IX Policies

Explore How to Gather Information about a School District’s Title IX Policies to find out if your school has a Title IX policy, what it says, if it meets federal guidelines, and what your school is doing about sexual harassment.

Find Out What Happens When You Report

Explore Investigating What Happens When a Student Reports Sexual Harassment to find out what happens when you report sexual harassment in your school.

Use a Toolkit

Learn and Act with the NWLC toolkit Sexual Harassment and Students of Color.

Make Change

Explore the NWLC’s 100 School Districts plan for making change and choose topics that align with your values.

Tell Us What You're Doing

Submit your club’s news, blogs, graphics, videos, and more to SASH Club using the website’s contact form. SASH Club could feature your contributions on the website or social media. Parental permission is required for minors. Adult advisors may also contribute.


Volunteer with Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) to promote SASH Club!

Contact Us

Contact SSAIS or contact SASH Club!

Additional Activities for Your SASH Club

SASH Club is an inclusive and welcoming place to ask questions, share opinions, support others, and make friends —while working together to end sexual harassment and assault in schools and communities. SASH Club also offers resources that empower youth to protect themselves from sexual harassment and assault in their personal lives.

Your SASH Club has the right to meet at school.
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