Become an Adult Advisor

Become an Adult Advisor

Adult advisors can provide context, perspective, and support for using SASH Club resources. A SASH Club hosted by a school will likely require one or more faculty advisors. Faculty advisors are essential for gaining school approval to conduct activities at school.

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Adult advisors:

Adult advisors can be parents, school staff, counselors, young adult or college-age mentors, or members of the community.

The level of adult oversight depends upon the ages of the participants, where the club is located, and other factors, such as the club’s ambitions for action and activism.

All adult advisors should read the How to Start a SASH Club Guide.

Important to know

Mandated Reporting Laws

Before working with a SASH Club, all SASH Club adult and faculty advisors should know their state laws defining the obligations of mandated reporters, who must report suspected child abuse and possibly child-on-child sexual misconduct.

Mandated reporters are generally people who come into contact with children as a part of their employment, profession and, sometimes, as volunteers. They must report suspected abuse, usually to state child protective services or to law enforcement.

All SASH Club adult and faculty advisors should seek and complete any state-required training before advising a SASH Club.

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