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Students Against Sexual Harassment (SASH Club)

SASH Club is a youth peer-to-peer education and prevention project targeting youth sexual harassment and assault. SASH Clubs are inclusive and welcoming, bringing youth together to end sexual harassment and assault in their personal lives, schools, and communities.

Our mission

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS)

SASH Club is a project of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, a nonprofit created in 2015 to address sexual harassment and sexual assault in K-12 schools. Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) educates students, families, and schools about the right to an equal education free from sexual harassment. SSAIS proactively addresses the epidemic of traumatic sexual harassment impacting our nation’s students.

SSAIS is comprised of advocates, assault survivors and their families, academics, legal and sexual assault experts, teachers, parents, students, and others who are passionate about youth well-being and education equity.

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