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Your SASH Club has the right to meet at school! If your school does not grant permission to start a SASH club, here are some steps you can take:

Show your school the Equal Access Act in Your Club Has the Right to Meet at School, National Youth Rights Association and the Supreme Court decision.

Check school policies to see whether you have met the requirements to start a club. If you have a faculty advisor, you can get help from a counselor, parents, district office, or other advocate. Write to the school board asking for assistance.

Explain that SASH Clubs can help reduce sexual harassment and assault that students face at school and/or off campus, thereby increasing their safety and emotional well-being that is necessary for academic success. You can cite the CDC’s recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey discussing the alarming rates of abuse students face.

Explain that by allowing SASH Club and gender equity clubs, the school is demonstrating that it is responsive to students who wish to ensure they are treated respectfully and equitably both on and off campus by peers and adults.

Let the school know that the SASH Club resources appear in the American Federation of Teachers Share My Lesson Library.

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